Artistic experience - FestiVoix de Trois-Rivières Artistic experience - FestiVoix de Trois-Rivières

Artistic experience

Visiting the FestiVoix means diving into a compelling and original artistic experience. The event presents concerts in unusual locations and historical sites, remnants of Trois-Rivières’ heritage, but also different forms of visual arts.

Every year, in partnership with the Centre Raymond Lasnier and Culture3R, we offer an artistic experience to our festival-goers as soon as they enter the site. The tunnel, a 200m long entryway to the FestiVoix, transforms into a visual experience thanks to the talent of local artists.


In 2019, 9 artists from the Atelier Presse Papier created Planète festive, a unique screen printing artwork, hand printed on posters.


In 2018, artist Jérémie Deschamps Bussières in collaboration with Laser Quantum presented Propagé par le vent, a never seen before laser art project that illuminated the tunnel and made viewers live a baffling sensory experience!


In 2017 we asked Suzie Bergeron to occupy the space, which she did by exploring her inner child with the cartoon of Monsieur Radis.


In 2016, Fontaine Leriche animated the tunnel with his artwork Mascarade sous la traverse, an illustration inspired by children’s imagination that was projected on the tunnel’s walls.


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