François Bourassa Quartet

July 5, 2019
5:45 pm

Photo credit : Mathieu Rivard

Over nearly three decades, François Bourassa has built many musical mansions. As pianist, composer and bandleader, he long ago became an international example of Canada’s contemporary jazz scene. A model of both consistency and evolution, he continues to challenge himself, his talented musical partners and his ever-widening community of listeners. On Number 9, François Bourassa’s ninth album of original music for his own band, the Montreal-born pianist and empathic colleagues allude to formative influences, serendipitous encounters and places from his past. That might suggest a highly reflective program, and the seven performances here certainly convey thoughtfulness. But the true focus of composer-improviser Bourassa and his ensemble, from beginning to end of the record, is in the moment, now.


Site capacity : 1,500

Opening of the site: 5 p.m.

The show begins at 5:45 p.m.

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