July 9, 2023
6:00 pm

Nominated twice as indigenous artist of the year for the prestigious ADISQ awards gala and Recipient of several honors such as the prize for the best indigenous album at the Indigenous Music Award, best singer-songwriter at the Folk Music Award, and also illustrated in several national and international showcases. Shauit sings about the complexity and beauty of the Innu nation. Accompanied by more traditional instrumentation with, among other things, violin, guitars, and other more classically Quebec sounds, Shauit offers a veritable musical fresco that will echo Quebec territories and their inhabitants, in all their richness and diversity. Most of the time in Innu, but sometimes in French, Shauit brings a music that is as festive and unifying as it is introspective and hypnotizing. He fuses several popular genres (folk, roots, reggae, etc.) and offers honest, committed songs filled with emotions and personal experiences.

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