A sustainable festival - FestiVoix de Trois-Rivières A sustainable festival - FestiVoix de Trois-Rivières

A sustainable festival

For more than 15 years, FestiVoix has been actively involved in sustainable development, a true philosophy of life for the organization, through the implementation of environmental, social and economic actions marked by innovation and consultation, as part of its sustainable development plan in collaboration with Kruger.


Environmental component


STTR public transit offered free of charge during the FestiVoix Details >

STTR shuttle service available free of charge from 3 points of service (Over 13,476 uses in 2019) Details >

8 Gérard Milette bike cabs to move easily from one stage to another Details >

A free Laferté Bicycles park located near the main site entrances Details >

3 electric shuttles accessible free of charge near the entrances of the sites Détails >

Pedestrian site downtown, 6 streets completely closed to motorists for 9 days

100% ecological means of transportation for our teams! 14 electric vehicles and 4 bicycles are used to get around the festival site

to reduce our ecological footprint

Sorted and recycled over 2.5 tons of waste and materials each year

29,050 containers recycled at 100% in 2019

Offsetting of all GHG generated by the event as well as those of the artists coming via the Éclore voluntary carbon market platform

Certification in sustainable development of the city of Trois-Rivières by the Trois-Rivières Sustainable Foundation

Sponsorship of the Red Mill Bog

A paid sorting team to optimize waste recycling

Water bikes near the site entrances to refill your reusable water bottles

Reusable water bottles for volunteers and employees and EcoCup glass available to festival goers.

Reduced consumption of plastic water bottles.

Voilà.Shop water stations near the site entrances to refill your reusable water bottles and water dispensers for the teams and volunteers

Reuse and transformation of materials such as banners, wood and metals.

Withdrawal of 190,000 copies of the event’s paper brochure in favor of a digital format.

Use of reusable dishes and utensils for all meals offered in the cafeteria.

Use of 100% recyclable aluminum cans and plastic bottles on the sites


Green Squad that circulates among festival-goers in order to provide them with advice

Videos to become true eco-festivalers

Promotion of good practices practices via the various web platforms and platforms and the event’s program flyers. the event’s programming

Signage and clear display of on sorting and recycling on the different on the different FestiVoix sites.

Raising awareness among our partners, suppliers and food concessions so that they adopt environmentally responsible practices

Social component


47,850 in ticket donations to local charities and community organizations to date for the 2022

17,250 in fundraising donated to the following foundations: opération enfant soleil, fonds gilles rousseau de la fondation RSTR, Leucan Mauricie Centre-du-Québec, La Canopée and Le Collège Laflèche.

Redistribution of all meals not served in the volunteer cafeteria at the Le Havre Center

50 tickets in the front stage area given to Leucan families in 2019.

Redistribution of unserved meals in the volunteer cafeteria.

Loans, exchanges and agreements with community organizations.

Hiring of seasonal employees as part of a social reintegration program.

Partnerships with colleges and universities.

Collaborative projects with various tourist and cultural organizations in Trois-Rivières.


Promotion of Francophone songs to festival-goers and young audiences. 40 100% francophone concerts were presented in 2019.

Promotion of the next generation of musicians by producing on our stages the concerts of the winners of competitions such as: Les Découvertes Culturelles and highlighting emerging talents on all our stages.

Koriass’ conferences in front of 600 young people at the École secondaire des Pionniers.

FestiVoix employee conferences in schools at the high school, college and university levels.

Cultural mediation projects in schools with artists from the Mauricie region, including QW4RTZ, Verlene and Fabiola Toupin with Sainte-Thérèse elementary school and Chavigny high school

Cultural mediation workshops for young people focused on sustainable development as part of the RONA Family Island program


34 free shows will be offered during the FestiVoix in 2022.

Shows at a lower cost with an accessible rate that takes into account the diversity of the public’s financial situation.

Free concerts offered in CHSLDs and residences for people unable to move around.

Free access to the festival for children aged 10 and under

Diversified program for all tastes with artists of various styles

More than 100 shows offered on 15 stages for all audiences

Special measures and reserved areas for festival-goers with reduced mobility on the different sites of the event

Free access to the FestiVoix site for companions of festival-goers with reduced mobility

A landing and a lifting platform were built at the Fleuve Loto-Québec stage to facilitate wheelchair access

Economic component


The FestiVoix generates major economic and tourist spin-offs every year and is an important and proactive player contributing to the vitality of its region.

Several million dollars generated thanks to the purchases of the FestiVoix but also to the expenses made by its festival-goers from the Mauricie region and elsewhere*.

7,400,000 in spending generated by visitors from outside of Trois-Rivières and by the festivoix***.

2,400,000 in tourist spending**

80% of equipment purchases and rentals made from local companies

More than 120 partnerships with local and national companies

More than 17,000 overnight stays generated in the Trois-Rivières region during the event*.

Partnerships with 5 hotels in the region to offer exclusive tourist packages during the festival.

Promotion of the region’s tourist activities with exclusive discounts on presentation of the FestiVoix passport at more than 20 tourist businesses in the Mauricie region.

*Segma Research provenance study, 2019 edition, FestiVoix.
**Spending evaluated by KPMG.
***Evaluation by KPMG not taking into account expenses generated by local customers (within a 40km radius of Trois-Rivières).

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