Alfa Rococo

7 July 2024
18 h 00

After a successful career of over 20 years, Alfa Rococo is a key player on the Quebec music scene. The band’s hit songs include Météores, Lever l’ancre and Les jours de pluie. The group’s sophisticated yet accessible pop-rock-electro music and poetic lyrics address universal themes. The band’s influence extends beyond national borders, with over 500 shows across Quebec and Canada, as well as in France, Belgium, the UK, Mexico and Lebanon. Alfa Rococo is back with a new show inspired by songs from its 5th album, Nouveaux horizons. With this new collection of songs in their pocket, the distinguished duo add to their already well-stocked arsenal several works that always blend skillfully the festive and profound sides of their repertoire. The group will be at FestiVoix on Saturday, July 7th, on the Jardin Bell stage.

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