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In order to ensure sanitary measures are followed, each concert is offered as an individual ticket with online purchase only. To attend the concert of your choice, you will need to purchase a 2 or 4 ticket listening area. Listening areas can accommodate up to 2 or 4 people maximum. Each listening zone will be sold for $20-$80 depending on the stage, show and capacity of the zone. Get your private listening area starting June 4 at noon! See the full program

Festival-goers of all ages will require a ticket to access their listening area on the event site.

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important information
Important information
In order to ensure that sanitary measures are respected, the mechanics of admission fees have been reviewed for the 2021 FestiVoix. Concerts will only be offered at individual ticketing and no passports will be sold.

By purchasing this ticket, the ticket holder agrees to respect the rules and regulations in effect at the event site as well as to respect the sanitary norms issued by the Public Health Department such as wearing a mask, social distancing, hand washing and all measures put in place by the organization. The ticket holder acknowledges and accepts the risks involved in participating in the activities organized during the event. He/she assumes full responsibility for the risks and dangers that may arise from the activities and waives all claims for physical and/or material losses and damages resulting from any cause whatsoever suffered by the holder before, during, or after the event. The holder of this ticket waives all claims that may arise from the capture of his or her image while on the premises where the event is taking place and the use and/or distribution of this image for promotional or other purposes. Any person who fails to comply with the rules, regulations and sanitary standards will be required to leave the premises without reimbursement and may be held responsible for any resulting loss or damage. For security reasons, the contents of the ticket holder's bags will be checked to prevent the entry of prohibited items on the event site. The ticket holder will have to open the bag to have the contents checked.



Important information
Important informations
Filmed live from the Loto-Québec stage, the concerts will be available the day after the live performance at 8 pm.

Want to buy your listening area for a show? Here's everything you need to know about the 2021 box office:

Please note that this fee structure has been put in place to comply with Public Health guidelines for festivals and arts events. All measures described on this page are subject to change based on the evolution of COVID-19 and new guidelines issued by Public Health. Consult the Quebec government's website for updates:

If tickets are still available for some shows during the event, they will also be on sale at the ticket booths located at the entrance of the venues.

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