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Since its beginnings, FestiVoix has been actively involved with the community in a variety of ways, with the aim of pursuing its mission of showcasing the city of Trois-Rivières and its heritage by offering an accessible musical and cultural diversity for an original experience. The organization has seen a sharp increase in demand for sponsorships and/or partnerships in recent years. In order to deal fairly and efficiently with these requests, the present policy on ticket donations and sponsorships has been put in place.


Ticket donation and sponsorship policy

The purpose of this policy is to define and guide the evaluation process of requests for donations and ticket sponsorships. To be eligible, requests must be submitted via the form and demonstrate that they meet at least three of the four criteria selected by the FestiVoix team. These criteria correspond to the organization’s mission and values.


To submit a request, please fill in the form and send it to the following address :


The selection criteria are as follows :
  • The request is made by a local agency or organization;

  • The request is made for a charitable reason. It is made with the aim of giving to a community that would not necessarily have access to the event, or to hold a sale/auction to raise funds for a foundation that helps the population;

  • The request is addressed to a target clientele of the FestiVoix;

  • The request has a mission to protect the environment.


Applications must include:
  • The organization’s logo;

  • The name and address of the organization;

  • Contact person for the request (name, e-mail, phone);

  • Description of the organization;

  • Reason for request;

  • Date of the event or period covered by the request;

  • Any additional relevant information.

All internal and external requests must be submitted at least 45 days prior to the event. Unofficial requests that do not meet three of the four criteria will be automatically refused. Furthermore, no request from a pressure group, political group, religious group or one that runs counter to FestiVoix’s mission and values will not be accepted.


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