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Transport and parking

Several means of transport and parking lots are available to get to the FestiVoix.

The main site of the FestiVoix is ​​located at the Trois-Rivières Port Park.

1. How do I get to the FestiVoix from Trois-Rivières ?

The FestiVoix strongly encourages you to use the following eco-friendly means of transportation, which are available to you for the whole duration of the event!



Taking the bus during the FestiVoix means traveling without the hassle!

  • During the event, after 4:30 p.m., the Société de Transport de Trois-Rivières (STTR) network will be accessible for only 1$.
  • A shuttle service is also available every 15 minutes at the cost of 1$.

Where will the shuttle service be available?

At Les Rivières Shopping Centre

At the Carrefour Trois-Rivières-Ouest

At Les Estacades Academy


Are you a FestiVoix volunteer?

Enjoy a free access to the STTR services upon presentation of your volunteer accreditation.



During the 9 days of the event, the main streets of downtown Trois-Rivières become pedestrian streets. Furthermore, all the FestiVoix stages are located at a pleasant walking distance! A great way to discover the historical district, the HarbourFront Park and downtown Trois-Rivières!


> Bicycle

Located on the rue des Ursulines, the Emballages Kruger bicycle parking offers free parking space a few feet away from the main site’s entrance! The STTR also offers the Cyclobus system which allows cyclists to attach their bike at the front of the buses.



Emballages Kruger electric shuttles are available to help festival-goers go from the Voix Multiples stage to the Voix Populaires stage on every show night.



Try one of our eight Gérard Milette bicycle taxis that carry you between the Voix Populaires and the Voix Multiples stages in exchange of a voluntary contribution that will go to Opération Enfant Soleil.


2. How do I get to the FestiVoix from outside Trois-Rivières ?



Orléans Express offers several trips to Trois-Rivières. Visit their website for more information and to view the schedules.



Kangaride is a user-friendly, efficient online and mobile ridesharing platform. By putting drivers and passengers in contact all over Québec and Canada, it has created a safe, inexpensive and sustainable way to travel!


3. Where to park in Trois-Rivières?

Festival-goers can also use the Collège Marie-de-l’Incarnation parking lot at the cost of 7$.

Note that close to 50 parking spots are reserved to motorcycles on Notre-Dame-Centre and Bonaventure Streets. Festival goers can leave their helmets at the entrances.

For more information on downtown’s parking lots, visit the Trois-Rivières Centre website. Please note that indicated prices and schedules may change without prior notice. Prices for public parking lots are established by municipal regulations. Prices shown on this web page do not have any legal value. If prices shown differ from those indicated in municipal regulations, the latter will take precedence. For more information contact the City of Trois-Rivières at (819) 374-2002.


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