General manager

Thomas Grégoire


Marketing and partnerships director

Julie Laquerre


Communications director and Program Coordinator

Anne Boucher


Administration and Human Resources Coordinator

Judith Leblanc


Operations Coordinator

Claudine Picory


Logistics Coordinator

Karine Riopel


Communications and Digital Development Coordinator

Naomie Rousseau


Marketing and Promotion Coordinator

Léa Méthot


Administrative agent and customer service

Cathy Goudreau


Volunteers Coordinator

Jean-Marc Lavoie


Ticketing Manager

Julie Maltais


Technical Manager

Pierre-Antoine Lesage


Sound and Lighting

L’Audi-C Sonorisation Inc.


Graphic design

Cyrille Farré – Cynic Studio de Com


Website Design

Marc-Antoine Berthiaume


Members of the Board of Directors

Myriam Lavallée, president

Geneviève Dallaire, vice-president

Luc Forcier, finance

Réjean Audet, secretary

Michel Cormier

Daniel Cournoyer

Paul Charest

William Beaudoin

Isabelle Larocque

Brian Massie

Catherine Therriault

Thanks to all our partners