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Security & Prevention

Prevention, physical layout and control of the sites, security guards and medical team; the FestiVoix has put in place several measures to insure the comfort and safety of their festival goers, in collaboration with Trois-Rivières’ police and fire departments. 



To insure a safe and comfortable environment to all festival-goers, here is a list of the items not allowed on the FestiVoix site. More details to come.

Please note that an area dedicated to storing the items forbidden on our sites (such as umbrellas, motorcycle helmets, skateboards, backpacks and folding chairs) is available at every entrance of the Voix Populaires and Voix Multiples sites.



It is forbidden to sell any form of alcohol to people under the age of 18.



The FestiVoix is always working towards meeting the standards in place for the hearing protection of its festival-goers. We strongly advise having young children wear headphones or earplugs. The sound level of some concerts could affect their sensitive ears. The FestiVoix will be happy to provide, upon request, free earplugs for babies and children for concerts taking place at the Loto-Québec stage of the Voix Populaires.



In case of a crowd movement during a concert, gradually move away from spectators creating this movement. The FestiVoix strongly advises against bringing young children in the first rows in front of the stage as the crowd can be very dense in this section.



SAM Mauricie’s (Service Assistance Médical Mauricie) medical team is constantly patrolling all of the FestiVoix sites. Their team is composed of ten members, including a doctor and some nurse practitioners. Responders are trained for every circumstance and are on the lookout during the concerts. An infirmary is also set up on the Voix Populaires and Voix Multiples sites to provide proper care to festival-goers. The members of the medical team are easily recognizable with their fluorescent vests, do not hesitate to go to them if you need. Please note that the FestiVoix works together with Trois-Rivières’ police and fire departments to insure the safety of festival-goers.

A free rental service for wheelchairs, walkers, walking sticks or crutches is also offered by SAM Mauricie. Ear plugs are also made available to you upon request.


emergency and evacuation plan

The FestiVoix has adopted an emergency response and evacuation plan, as well as a comprehensive security plan produced and certified by PMU Quebec. Our staff and various responders on the ground have also received all necessary training to ensure the safety of our festival goers.

The FestiVoix is also working closely with Trois-Rivières’s police and fire departments as well as security and first aid companies.



Several preventive measures are put in place to insure the comfort of our festival-goers. Please note that all concerts on the FestiVoix schedule will take place rain or shine, except in the event of an electric storm that could endanger festival-goers and/or artists.

In the event of a heatwave, there are several shaded areas on the main site as soon as it opens since most of the FestiVoix shows are held after 5 p.m. so. The temperature is also always cooler and more comfortable closest to the St-Lawrence River during the evening.

Finally, the FestiVoix can blow a water mist over festival-goers in the frontstage of the Loto-Québec site of the Voix Populaires, at their request.

We also advise you to take some simple precautions to properly adapt to various temperatures.


During warm summer days:

  • Wear light clothes
  • Bring a hat or a cap to prevent sunstrokes
  • Favour shaded areas
  • Drink plenty of fluids and cool down your skin regularly
  • Wear sunscreen
  • Avoid unnecessary physical efforts, especially in the middle of the day


During rainy days:

  • Wear warm and comfortable shoes
  • Wear a raincoat

Note that umbrellas are not allowed on the site. Ponchos are available for sale at the cost of 4$ at the FestiVoix shop located in the tunnel entrance of the main site.

Thanks to all our partners