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Security & Prevention

The health and safety of all festival-goers, teams, partners, volunteers and artists are at the heart of FestiVoix’s concerns. From prevention to the layout of the sites, through the control of the sites as well as the presence of security agents and a medical team on site, FestiVoix puts in place several measures to ensure the safety of all during each edition.



Cameras, plastic bottles or juice cups for children, reusable water bottles, light snacks (candy bars, fruit), guide dogs with proper identification, strollers for children (strollers are not recommended on very crowded nights), ear muffs (ear muffs for noise are strongly suggested at all times for young children), backpacks and bags (search required), beach towels or blankets, ponchos


Portable folding chairs, animals, weapons, blunt and sharp objects or any other object that could pose a danger to the safety of others, sticks, balls, glass bottles, cans or any other alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, fireworks or firecrackers, water guns, coolers and metal containers, musical instruments, megaphones, laser pointers, tents, umbrellas, motorcycle or bicycle helmets, bicycles, skateboards or skates, food, except light snacks


It is forbidden to sell any form of alcohol to people under the age of 18.

First Aid

SAM Mauricie’s medical team, made up of a dozen interveners including a doctor and super-nurses, circulates constantly on all FestiVoix sites. The interveners are trained for all eventualities and are on the lookout throughout the concerts. Infirmaries are also set up on the FestiVoix sites. The members of the medical team are identifiable thanks to their fluorescent bibs. Do not hesitate to call on them if needed.

The FestiVoix also makes sure to hire security personnel holding a work permit issued by the Bureau de la Sécurité privée.



In collaboration with the Trois-Rivières Police and Fire Department as well as security firms and the SAM Mauricie team, an emergency and evacuation plan as well as a complete security plan carried out and certified by PMU Quebec are in place to ensure the smooth running of the event and the effectiveness of interventions in case of incident.



If there is a crowd movement during a concert, gradually move away from the spectators creating the movement. Since the pressure can be very high in the front rows of the audience, FestiVoix strongly advises responsible adults against venturing out with young children.


FestiVoix is committed to respecting the standards in effect for the protection of the hearing of its festival-goers. Nous vous suggérons fortement d’apporter un casque ou des bouchons pour les oreilles aux enfants en bas âge. The noise level of some concerts could damage their sensitive ears.

The organization gives free caps to babies and children upon request at the entrance of the main site.



All concerts scheduled at the FestiVoix take place rain or shine, except in the case of an electrical storm or violent winds that could affect the safety of festival-goers and/or artists.

We advise you to take some precautions to adapt to the temperature variations. Don’t forget that the evenings are rather cool near the St-Lawrence River!

On hot summer days: wear light clothing, bring a hat or cap, go to shady areas, moisturize and cool your skin regularly and apply sunscreen!

On rainy days: wear comfortable, warm shoes and a raincoat!

Please note that umbrellas are not allowed on our site. Ponchos are on sale for $4 at the FestiVoix boutique in the tunnel.


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