1 July 2024
Starting at 21 h 30

Goldfinger, formed in 1994 by John Feldmann, Simon Williams, Darrin Pfeiffer and Kelly LeMieux, are an iconic punk rock band and contributed to the American ska-punk movement in the late ’90s. The band’s destiny changed with the release of their song “Here in Your Bedroom”, propelling them to the top, becoming music legends. Since then, they’ve been churning out hits like “Mable” and “Superman”. The latter made a particularly lasting impression, becoming the theme tune for the animated series “The Adventures of Superman” broadcast in the 1990s. To this day, Goldfinger continues to produce music and give concerts all over the world. In total, they have released 7 full-length albums and sold millions of records worldwide. Come and listen to their most memorable songs at the FestiVoix on July 1 at the Fleuve Loto-Québec stage!

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