GrimSkunk is an iconic alternative rock and punk fusion band from Montreal. Founded in 1988 by Joe Evil (Joe Burnett), Franz Schuller, Peter Edwars, Alain Vadboncieur et Marc-Boris St-Maurice, the band played a pioneering role in the development of alternative rock in Quebec. Renowned for their eclectic musical style, their albums Autumn Flowers (1991), Exotic Blend (1992), GrimSkunk (1994) and Meltdown (1995) testify to a sonic explosion blending punk, rock and metal, with progressive and psychedelic moments. After conquering Canada, the band set off for Europe and the USA. Their many travels have enriched their new songs with world music influences, as evidenced by their albums Fieldtrip (1998) and, in a more pop vein, Seventh Wave (2002). Ever the enthusiast, GrimSkunk cultivated its independence by creating its own record label, Disques Indica, in 1997. In addition to their own productions, the band continued to support and promote other artists, such as Les Trois Accords, Vulgaires Machins, Tryo and Joseph Arthur, remaining an independent creative force in the Canadian musical landscape. After more than 30 years and over 2,000 career shows, GrimSkunk will be at the FestiVoix on June 30 at the Quai Port stage in Trois-Rivières!

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