1 July 2024
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Guttermouth is an American punk rock band formed in 1988, pioneering the punk and skate punk scene of the 1990’s. Their music addresses social and political themes while injecting a dose of sarcastic humor accompanied by an energetic sound. The band has earned a reputation for its energetic performances and rebellious attitude, ensuring that every show is a unique experience. Over the years, Guttermouth has released several successful albums, including “Full Length LP” (1991), “Friendly People” (1994), and “Gustojfication” (2002). For over 30 years, the band has remained an influential player in the punk rock scene, appreciated for its irreverent approach and commitment to authentic punk. The band will be on the Fleuve Loto-Québec stage on Monday, July 1 for a triple program before Goldfinger and Pennywise!

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