The concept of “be in the front row” applies very well to this royal treatment, which is much more accessible than you might think! An evening in a FestiVoix corporate box means a gourmet meal courtesy of Rouge Vin, unlimited alcoholic beverages and private lavatories. The FestiVoix corporate boxes boast the highest vantage point on the entire site, giving you an exceptional view of the shows and the St. Lawrence River. There are tons of reasons to party in one of our booths: a night out with friends, a get-together with partners, a family reunion, a celebration of a special event…food, booze and entertainment included. Who can beat that?


Your privileges

Breathtaking view of the shows and the St. Lawrence River

Gourmet dinner with Le Rouge Vin,

Unlimited wine, beer and soft drinks,

Private bar and service,

Live broadcasts of shows presented on the Monastère Hydro-Québec stage via a screen located in each dressing room.



6:30 pm – Welcome at the private entrance
7:00 pm – Dinner
8:35 pm – Show

If you would like to reserve your box at the FestiVoix, please contact us by e-mail at marketing@festivoix.com.


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